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Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal #2

August 14th, 2007 in Site Related and Wordpress 5 Comments

This is yet another Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal series. In Part 1, I wrote about the complication appears when I try to change my site’s URL structure to something that makes more sense (at least to me). In this part, I am going to write the redesign process, which covers the idea of my new logo, new theme, and the layout.

Part #2 - The Redesign

Part #2: The Redesign

Ever since the Web2.0 hype on the internet, I always wanted to revamp my site and follow the trend. If you are a reader since day one, you should know that my site used to be known as Clueless Dream. And yes, my site is still number 1 ranking in Google (at the time I am writing this entry) for the keyword “clueless dream“, which is weird, because I kinda dump the wording from my blog except for some older entries.

Clueless Dream Screenshot

Old school design eh? Despite being old school, that design have better Adsense Click-Through-Rate than my current design! Well, I have to let-go of my ad-revenue for the sake of better looking site (at least to me) :P .

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Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal #1

August 6th, 2007 in Site Related and Wordpress 1 Comment

I did my site revamp since few months ago, and there’s a lot of changes made here and there since the last revamp. Today, I am going to do a write-up on the process of building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal, ala Building Alex King 2.0 style. I will split this write-up to a few sections, and I believe this write-up is especially useful for those who would like to use WordPress for not only as a blogging platform, but a CMS for their site.

Part #1: The Change of Site Structure

Part #1 - The Change of Site Structure

The first thing I did when doing revamp is to change my site structure. My blog used to be located at blog.geminigeek.com, and all pages resides in blog.geminigeek.com/xxxx. It doesn’t seem wrong to me at first. But after a while, I guess I should better off pimping my domain rather than subdomain because there was a time where blog.geminigeek.com has PR5 and my geminigeek.com only PR3!! So, I changed my site’s blog to geminigeek.com/blog.

When you talk about talk about PR, I’m sure you will think about the search engine result. I have a few blog entries that turns out to be first in Google Search. I don’t want to lose my visitor. I did a 301 Redirection on my blog subdomain to geminigeek.com/blog, while retaining the permalink structure. This way, I manage to retain my visitor and successfully changed my site structure! And this is what I paste to my .htaccess in the root of blog subdomain:

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