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The Future of GeminiGeek’s Online Journals

June 20th, 2008 in Site Related 41 Comments

Well, it’s my birthday today.

Oh, and other than that, I am going to announce the future of GeminiGeek’s Online Journal.

As of today onwards. I will be officially rambling about my life and other personal stuff on my other blog. The link? Well, it’s for you to find out. It’s actually up since April, and I’ve been blogging over there for since then.

And as for this blog, it will still be here, up and running, pinching every cents from Adsense and other Ads provider. I will also use this blog to satisfy the geeky side of me. I’d probably write about all the website design stuff and techniques over time, as I still have to finish my building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal series.

So… yeah, it’s not really dead yet. I could probably turn it into a political blog and blog as my alter ego.

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Upgraded WordPress 2.3!

September 25th, 2007 in Site Related and Wordpress 7 Comments

I’ve upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3! Among the notable feature in this new version are:

  1. Native Tagging Support. Now this is one feature that I’ve been waiting for. Although UTW did a great job on this, but I always think that it is good to do the tagging without going through a plugin. However, the tagging feature is not so great after all. More details on this further down.
  2. Update Notification. I am someone who’s lazy to check plugin’s site to see any updates. With this, I can see it in my dashboard and download ‘em immediately. Though it doesn’t update for you automatically, this notification is sufficient :)
  3. Canonical URLs. I’ve been using some .htaccess trick to achieve this, but looks like the devs manage to put in the core.
  4. Better Post Management. There’s this new filter thing in your post management, and you can easily filter your drafts. Nifty.

There are more features in the developement blog.

The Upgrade Process

I thought the schema changes would kill my blog. I even created a testbed to test if the upgrades will work smoothly. I tried running the upgrades on the testbed. Everything works fine. Not as dramatic as Edrei’s case :D

The upgrade is a breeze if your plugin does not a direct call to the deprecated tables in your database. In my case, only KGArchives and Tan Tan WordPress Report fails. Author of KGArchives may be doing some updates on the plugin released a WP2.3 compatible KGArchives, but there’s no news on Tan Tan WordPress Report. UTW fails to work too, but there’s a UTW importer in WP2.3. Popular Post plugin have problem in the admin interface, but it works without a problem in the user end.

The transition from UTW to WP2.3 native tagging is rather painless, though there’s some iffy-ness somewhere in between. Now here’s a few things I don like about tagging in WP2.3:

  1. There’s no proper tag management. It is said that the devs are waiting for the community to create plugins to further extend the tagging capabilities, and they can steal the idea and put them in the next release. So, I guess I have to wait for a while for a better tag management plugin to pop out.
  2. Two words tagging fails. Space doesn’t work. All spaces in two words or more tags are replaced with a dash. UTW handles the presentation purpose with no problems, because I don’t see the dash in any tag titles, although there is in the admin area and slugs. Perhaps I have to make myself used to one word tagging.
  3. The function to call out tags in a post, the_tags(), fails. I MUST use it in The Loop, which is kinda annoying because I have tags in the sidebar. Which is why, at the moment, I am not showing tags. Couldn’t something be done so that the_tags can be called anywhere in single.php?

Overall, WP2.3 is satisfactory, but not up to my liking. :roll:

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Minor Site Revision and some Updates

September 11th, 2007 in Personal and Site Related 2 Comments

I have just updated my About page. It took me a few days just to write a short biography on myself. The result? A short and detailed biography, but not to the extend where people can start stalking me. :lol: I am fairly satisfied with it.

I have also created a Contact page. This page holds information on how to contact me, and also a contact form if you want something more formal. That serves as a facility for people to contact me more easily and formally. And besides, I’ve decided to do freelancing on web design and accounts book-keeping more aggresively.

Other than that, I’ve did some minor visual enhancement to my site. The most notable one is the comments listing. Instead of alternating backgrounds, I changed it to alternating left border colour. I use the magic of :hover so that the comments backgrounds highlights as mouse over. I’ve also placed comment number so that replying comments can be a little bit easier because I’ve recently remove the comments quoting system.

And lastly, I’ve added a few 2 new emoticons, and 4 icons for commentors, and also myself to use. The 6 new icons are:
:love: :sweat: :heart: :?: :nuke:
Well, it’s fun to have new icons to play with :D

My Future Plans

Get employed and settle down until next year to further my ACCA studies. If I happen to fail to secure a job, I will be doing freelance aggressively. At the moment, I offer affordable web design and web development service for individuals or companies who wants a website. I will also give consultations for those who needs to get their website up and running.

Other than that, I am also offering accounts book keeping service. I believe this is the first time for someone who’s doing web design and book-keeping at the same time! Well, the reason I’m doing book-keeping is because I have a partner who have the experience and is looking for opportunity. And me here, will help her to get clients and at the same time, help her and learn book-keeping for the commercial world. I am, after all a CAT graduate. It shouldn’t be weird for me to do this. However, I am accepting clients from Miri only for this book-keeping service. :lol:

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Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal #2

August 14th, 2007 in Site Related and Wordpress 5 Comments

This is yet another Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal series. In Part 1, I wrote about the complication appears when I try to change my site’s URL structure to something that makes more sense (at least to me). In this part, I am going to write the redesign process, which covers the idea of my new logo, new theme, and the layout.

Part #2 - The Redesign

Part #2: The Redesign

Ever since the Web2.0 hype on the internet, I always wanted to revamp my site and follow the trend. If you are a reader since day one, you should know that my site used to be known as Clueless Dream. And yes, my site is still number 1 ranking in Google (at the time I am writing this entry) for the keyword “clueless dream“, which is weird, because I kinda dump the wording from my blog except for some older entries.

Clueless Dream Screenshot

Old school design eh? Despite being old school, that design have better Adsense Click-Through-Rate than my current design! Well, I have to let-go of my ad-revenue for the sake of better looking site (at least to me) :P .

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Building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal #1

August 6th, 2007 in Site Related and Wordpress 1 Comment

I did my site revamp since few months ago, and there’s a lot of changes made here and there since the last revamp. Today, I am going to do a write-up on the process of building GeminiGeek’s Online Journal, ala Building Alex King 2.0 style. I will split this write-up to a few sections, and I believe this write-up is especially useful for those who would like to use WordPress for not only as a blogging platform, but a CMS for their site.

Part #1: The Change of Site Structure

Part #1 - The Change of Site Structure

The first thing I did when doing revamp is to change my site structure. My blog used to be located at, and all pages resides in It doesn’t seem wrong to me at first. But after a while, I guess I should better off pimping my domain rather than subdomain because there was a time where has PR5 and my only PR3!! So, I changed my site’s blog to

When you talk about talk about PR, I’m sure you will think about the search engine result. I have a few blog entries that turns out to be first in Google Search. I don’t want to lose my visitor. I did a 301 Redirection on my blog subdomain to, while retaining the permalink structure. This way, I manage to retain my visitor and successfully changed my site structure! And this is what I paste to my .htaccess in the root of blog subdomain:

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